Daniel Bryan Mocked A Fan On His Birthday After SmackDown Went Off The Air

Daniel Bryan knows exactly how to be the perfect heel, something he continued to prove after the cameras were off following SmackDown Live this week.

Even though Daniel Bryan has been a heel in the past, we had no idea he had this current run in him. Just three weeks ago, Bryan was happily skipping to the ring chanting Yes! along with thousands of fans. Now, just like that, the Yes Movement is dead and he is one of WWE's best heels.

In the present day, heels in wrestling are still cheered. That usually happens because they wrestle an entertaining style, or are placed opposite a babyface WWE is pushing too hard. Bryan is showing that no matter how much fans once loved you if you are talented enough, you can turn them against you. Like we said above, he has managed to do it in the space of a few weeks.


When Bryan stood on the announce desk with his title aloft on SmackDown Live, the WWE Universe rained boos down on him. Turns out that later in the evening, after the cameras were off, Bryan was booed even more vociferously. During a dark segment after the show, Bryan was in the ring with The Miz. The WWE Champion grabbed a mic and you can check out what he said for yourself courtesy of some fan footage.

Bryan spotted a child holding a sign that said it was his birthday. The champ then proceeded to mock the fan, telling him he's "stupid." It might sound simple but it certainly got the crowd in Austin, Texas riled up. After they were done booing, the entire arena chanted happy birthday to the young fan. It will have definitely made for a moment he will never forget.

How heel Superstars treat fans, especially children, has been a touchy subject in recent years. Sasha Banks made Bayley superfan Izzy cry when she snapped her hairband in half. Also, WWE received a complaint from a parent after Kevin Owens told her son he didn't want him wearing his merch. Personally, we think it is all part of the show. If Bryan had called us stupid on our birthday as a kid, or even now we're adults for that matter, it would have made our entire year.


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