Daniel Bryan Removed From SmackDown Live Men’s Survivor Series Team

Within the first minutes of Tuesday's SmackDown Live, the face of Survivor Series changed rapidly, including Daniel Bryan being off the men's team.

After SmackDown Live announced Becky Lynch wouldn't be able to compete on Sunday's Survivor Series pay-per-view due to a broken face and concussion, the blue brand got right into the meat of the event and brought out AJ Styles. He was quickly interrupted by Paul Heyman who brought up Bryan's name as someone Styles had beaten to get to where he was. As Heyman and Styles went back and forth, Bryan had heard enough of his name and came to the ring, threatening to punch Styles in the face if he unnecessarily said his name one more time.

Styles went ahead and did so, which resulted in a major mele between the two. Officials from the back, along with Shane McMahon rushed to the ring to break the two up. In the back, Styles and Bryan continued to go after each other to which an emotional McMahon decided the two would get each other later in the night in a WWE Championship match.

Not only was SmackDown Live about to offer a huge main event match, but the results of that match was also going to change Sunday's card in a potentially major way. If Bryan wins, he becomes WWE Champion and goes onto to face Brock Lesnar. And, even if he doesn't win, because he was given the opportunity at the title, he was taken off of the men's team.

Later in the night, Jeff Hardy defeated Andrade Cien Almas and new men's team captain, The Miz, liked what he saw. His replacement for Bryan became The Enigma and during a backstage segment, The Miz said he wanted Rey Mysterio gone too. General manager didn't agree and said the only way The Miz could get what he wanted was by defeating Mysterio in a match, which would be up next.

The Miz took on Mysterio but was unable to defeat him. Rey rolled up The Miz and secured his spot on the team. At the same time, Mysterio escaped a sneak attack by Randy Orton, to which The Miz took an RKO for his troubles.

What This Means

If all of what happened in the first hour of Tuesday's show was in reaction to the news Becky Lynch would be off the card, then WWE was scrambling. With Lynch versus Rousey potentially Sunday's main event, WWE needed to spice up the men's side of things and throwing a wrench into everything fans had known the card to be was one way to create buzz around the pay-per-view.

What does this mean now for Bryan or Styles once they lose? What will their role be on Sunday? With Rey now off the team, what will his role be?

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