Daniel Bryan & The Miz Named Co-Captains For SmackDown Live’s Survivor Series Team

To kick off SmackDown Live on Tuesday, Shane McMahon announced that The Miz and Daniel Bryan will be co-captains of the men's Survivor Series match.

Shane McMahon was brought to the ring by the GM of SmackDown, Paige and after taking a photo with the trophy that technically crowned Shane best in the world, Paige and the blue brand commissioner got down to work when it comes to Survivor Series. With a match already announced on Monday that would pit Raw versus SmackDown in a traditional-style Survivor Series match, Shane needed to pick his team captain.

Daniel Bryan was brought to the ring as the team captain. It didn't take long before The Miz made his way to the ring as well. He claimed that the World Cup Trophy was 2/3rd's his and that at the very least because he helped bring the World Cup victory to SmackDown, he should be captain.

Shane agreed. He then also added that Bryan would be captain, forcing the two to work together as co-captains.

This is an interesting choice for SmackDown considering Bryan and The Miz have a history of not getting along. Working together is likely the last thing either wants to do. Still, as is the case with Survivor Series, there's also a sense of brand pride that goes along with the pay-per-view, meaning competitors have to put their differences aside for the sake of winning the title as most dominant brand.

The Miz and Bryan got right down to work and started putting together a plan to build their team. The first member, none other than Shane McMahon himself.

The co-captains worked throughout the show to name the rest of their team, including adding Rey Mysterio and creating a match to determine the final member.

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