Daniel Bryan Pulled Out Of WWE Live Events With Injury Concerns

SmackDown Live Star Daniel Bryan has been pulled out of scheduled WWE Live Events due to an unknown injury, according to Wrestling Inc.

Bryan, who lost the WWE Championship to Kofi Kingston at WrestleMania 35 earlier this month, was down to work a Saturday night show in Madison, Wisconsin, as well as another on Sunday in Rochester, Minnesota. However, he was withdrawn due to injury concerns, although he is still scheduled to appear at SmackDown on Tuesday night.

The 37-year-old is reported as having suffered an injury during his loss to Kofi at WrestleMania but WWE hasn't disclosed any information and, to date, no one in the wrestling media industry is aware of what the former WWE champion is suffering from.

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Bryan is still listed as a feature in a match against the current champion for this Tuesday's episode of SmackDown. It's being claimed that the match will be a non-televised one as it will take place after the show goes off USA Network.

The words "Daniel Bryan" and "injury" together are always cause for concern given the wrestler's previous health ordeals. Bryan was forced to retire back in 2016 after suffering numerous concussions and a brain injury. He spent years struggling to get cleared for an in-ring return and was allowed to head back into competition after WWE handpicked three specialists who all gave him the green light.

Per sources, Bryan goes through thorough testing after every match he's involved in; he must pass an eye test, a balance test and must solve a mathematical equation, having suffered 10 documented concussions in the past.

What This Means

Fans could be left very worried by this news, given what's mentioned above. Hopefully, WWE will either provide information or simply dismiss the reports claiming that the star is suffering from some sort of injury in a timely fashion.

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