Dan Cormier Calls Out Brock Lesnar After Quick UFC 230 Title Defense

Daniel Cormier went into UFC 230 as the Heavyweight Champion and after a display of his superior technical skill, he handled Derrick Lewis in the main event and is still the UFC champ and considered at the top of his game.

A wild undercard led to the main event which featured a short-notice heavyweight matchup of skill versus power in New York City's Madison Square Garden. Lewis was a competitor who had smashed his way through the ranks, worked his way to the No. 2 ranking, and was coming off a KO victory against Alexander Volkov at UFC 229. He was in great shape considering he'd just fought and been through a preparation camp. Cormier, on the other hand, weighed in at an extremely heavy number considering his past bouts in the UFC. Still, Cormier said he wasn't forced to cut weight for this fight which wouldn't deplete him and ultimately be an advantage. Experts believed he's looked at his best the bigger he got.

Putting the Black Beast's knockout power versus a much more technical champ in his first title defense meant this contest was sure to be interesting and it was.

The fight started with a couple leg kicks by Lewis but a quick takedown by Cormier. The question then became, did Lewis have the technical skills to get back up on his feet and not be submitted. He was able to get up, but Cormier quickly put him down again with ease. It was evident early that Lewis was getting tired. The first round was dominated by Cormier.

The second round opened with a couple shots by Lewis which might have scared the champ, but Cormier took him down again and gained side control. Once he got Lewis' back, it was all over. Cormier had successfully defended his title, didn't have to eat one bomb from Lewis and proved this wasn't nearly as close a contest as people made it out to be.

Cormier was all smiles as he thanked Lewis, calling him one of the most powerful men he'd ever faced. Cormier then called himself one of the best ever, said there were no surprises with him and most should have known a punchers chance wasn't enough. He was right.

Joe Rogan then asked what was next and if he had words for Brock Lesnar, his next likely challenger. Cormier said, "bring that new WWE belt with you when you come because I feel like being WWE champion too!"

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