Ric Flair Had Words Of Encouragement For David Arquette After WCW Title Win

Wild Bill and Buffy the Vampire Slayer star David Arquette had a memorable run in WCW just as the company was nearing its demise in the early 2000s, even holding the WCW Championship for a brief period.

Arquette pinned Eric Bischoff on the Apr. 25, 2000 episode of Thunder to win the championship, ending Diamond Dallas Page's reign. Arquette held the championship for two days before dropping it to Jeff Jarrett at Slamboree.

Though it was a brief title reign, the decision to put the title on a major Hollywood actor was widely criticized by fans and pundits. This happened around the time WCW was losing the Monday Night Wars - simply running controversial storylines like the 'Fingerpoke of Doom', followed by Arquette's title victory.

But even though the storyline didn't sit well with fans, Arquette revealed in a recent interview with ESPN that legend Ric 'The Nature Boy' Flair was actually very welcoming and kind to him when he pinned Bischoff to win the WCW Championship.

"Ric Flair at one point put his arms around me and said, 'Hey guys, he's one of us,'" Arquette said in an interview with ESPN.com. "That made me feel really great."


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Arquette's run with WCW was short-lived and never really stat well with the fans and wrestling critics. WCW would refer to his Hollywood life, and Arquette never really displayed much technical skill in the ring. It seemed to be a desperate attempt for WCW to get ratings, and that obviously didn't work out.

It was a classy gesture from The Nature Boy to welcome Arquette like that, however. Flair was known for developing some real-life tension backstage, including an infamous feud with Bischoff. But Flair went out of his way to make Arquette feel like a true champion with the wrestling legends.

Arquette didn't have much success in the squared circle, but he at least got to experience the life of a WCW superstar and champion. After all, most wrestlers can't brag about holding the WCW Championship in their lifetime.


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