Dean Ambrose May Not Be Leaving WWE Yet [Rumor]

Dean Ambrose seemingly made his final appearance with WWE on this week's episode of Monday Night Raw, where he was brutally attacked and laid to waste by Bobby Lashley.

WWE confirmed in a statement back in January that Ambrose decided not to sign a new contract and was planning to leave after WrestleMania 35. But hold your horses, because it seems like the former WWE Champion could be sticking around a bit longer.

According to Ryan Satin of Pro Wrestling Sheet, one source said Ambrose isn't leaving the WWE yet. However, a different one said Ambrose is planning out some things in the independent scene.

Randall Ortman of Cageside Seats also added that Ambrose is being advertises for WWE shows this month, so unless that was a mistake on their end, there's reason to be optimistic that he'll be around a bit longer.

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But if Ambrose is going to be in WWE a bit longer, then it leaves you wondering why he didn't perform at WrestleMania 35. The fact he wasn't on the card was enough to seemingly confirm that he was indeed done with the company. So really, it's anybody's guess if he has any more WWE appearances, or if this week marked the end of an era.

Pro Wrestling Sheet was first to report back in January that Ambrose wasn't re-signing with WWE, with one unnamed superstar saying that he had grown tired of portraying a "hokey" character. Mike Johnson of PWInsider.com later said that Ambrose rejected a five-year contract that would have paid him seven figures annually. If he's truly done with WWE, it'll be interesting to see where Ambrose lands next in his wrestling career.

What This Means 

Well, it's really hard to guess what is going on with Ambrose right now. Perhaps he has a couple of appearances left but it still on his way out? We'll find everything out soon enough.

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