Dean Ambrose Expresses Disappointment In Some WWE Talent

Dean Ambrose was a guest on the Major Wrestling Figure Podcast with Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins and said he's bothered that some guys in wrestling are just in the business for the money.

Whether this take is one of the reasons Ambrose is choosing not to renew with WWE in April wasn't clear but it was evident The Lunatic Fringe was disappointed with the fact there are a number of talents currently employed by WWE are not wrestling fans and don't love the business, just the money.

Talking to Ryder and Hawkins, Ambrose said, “You guys are like me. There’s a lot of people that are just here for the money. They didn’t grow up watching it, they don’t care what they do, and have no artistic care for what they do. You guys are like me where (wrestling) is all we’ve ever loved.”

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On the show, Ambrose also talked about how he feels about fans versus autograph collectors. Stating he has all the time in the world for legitimate fans, it does bother him when fans who aren't genuine seek out autographs and research where WWE stars are going to be. He also chatted about how he lives as a minimalist. He hates being weighed down.

What This Means

The full interview really gave an inside look at Ambrose's personality, what he likes and why he might be seen as a unique personality. Stating he wants to live simple, it becomes a little easier to understand why Ambrose might have been comfortable leaving WWE. He wants to have control over what he does in the company, doesn't need to money because he doesn't really spend it and he doesn't seem to need the status of being a WWE star to feel useful in the business.

Ambrose stated he had every jump under the sun but could never keep one because it all came back to wrestling.

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