Dean Ambrose May Be Present At Raw Superstar Shake-Up

Dean Ambrose seemingly made his final appearance in WWE on last week's episode of Monday Night Raw, but "The Lunatic" might have a few more appearances before he leaves for good.

Per Felix Upton of Ringside News, Ambrose is actually scheduled for tomorrow's episode of Raw in Montreal - which features the Superstar Shake-up. As Upton noted, it's unlikely that Ambrose actually appears on television - but he's still being advertised for three more house shows through Apr. 21.

Ambrose didn't compete at WrestleMania 35, but he appeared on Raw and was laid to waste by Bobby Lashley. When the show went off air, all three Shield members returned to the ring. There, Ambrose bid farewell to the WWE Universe in an extremely moving moment.

Pro Wrestling Sheet initially reported that Ambrose was on his way out of WWE, and the company confirmed in a statement back in January that he had chosen not to sign a new contract.

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The report from PW Sheet included one unnamed superstar saying that he had grown tired of portraying a "hokey character," and it's been suggested that Ambrose could look to leave AEW - since he has close ties to some of its personnel - including Chris Jericho.

Ambrose has been one of the most successful, accomplished and beloved WWE superstars since The Shield made its debut in 2012. But his heel turn didn't go over as well as hoped, and it was clear that WWE didn't have much for him going forward. Ambrose should easily find more success in a different promotion - be it AEW, New Japan Pro Wrestling or Ring of Honor. It's been a great run in the WWE, but all good things must come to an end.

What This Means

It's hard to envision Ambrose making another televised appearance, since WWE already had him say goodbye last week. And there are no indications that Ambrose changed his mind at the last minute. Even if he's present on Raw, don't expect him to appear on TV. It just doesn't make sense in any aspect.

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