Dean Ambrose Veers From Script On Monday's WWE RAW

Most fans know Dean Ambrose is scheduled to leave WWE in April. But, based on him veering off script on Raw, is he making waves on the way out?

On Monday's program, WWE shocked fans when they had Dean Ambrose come out to the ring to confront Seth Rollins after Rollins told the WWE Universe he was gunning for Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 35.  An entertaining back and forth between The Architect and Paul Heyman cam just prior to an Ambrose match. Ambrose didn't wait for his match to make an impression. He grabbed the mic and stated, "I've only got one thing got to say to you: 'Slay the beast.'" He then exited the ring, sat down in a chair at ringside and waited for his bout with EC3 .

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But, according to the latest edition of Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer revealed this is not what was planned for Ambrose. Apparently, The Lunatic Fringe had additional lines he was directed to deliver. He was to talk about the Shield, Roman Reigns and then deliver his line. Ambrose simply decided not to.

What This Means

Whether this change in scripting was a directive from WWE and the gorilla position due to the timing of the show or if this was a matter Ambrose simply decided to take into his own hands, this could be a potentially interesting story developing as it pertains to Ambrose and his relationship with WWE as he exits the company. As of now, any heat between the two sides is merely speculation but if he's decided to do whatever he wants on the way out, how WWE responds will be worth watching.

As previously reported, Ambrose turned down a recent contract offer from WWE to extend his deal beyond April. He's reportedly leaving due to creative differences.

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