Dennis Rodman Tells The World Why Michael Jordan Is The Real GOAT

Most people already consider Michael Jordan to be the greatest player of all time, but they don't explain why. Dennis Rodman is someone who decided to fix that by actually going into detail.

In the video, Rodman explains that Jordan led the scoreboard for a whopping ten years in a row, which is no easy task for anyone. On top of all that, he goes as far as to mention how Micheal Jordan adapted to the game by hitting the gym and trying to improve his plays.


"He led the league in scoring for 10 years in a row," says Rodman. "Averaging 32 points a game, that was hard back then...[then] when he played against us, he went back to the gym and he got tough and he got greater."

Rodman knows how hard it is to get in the world of sports and actually remain good at it. No one can be the best player when they start, and that's the thing people tend to forget.

So, in terms of Michael Jordan, he's the real best player of all time because kept his points up and actually continued to improve over time, which shows us that he truly does care about the game. There's also the fact that Jordan kept seeing himself lose left and right but remained strong and decided to adapt to the situation at hand.

It's clear that the GOAT (Greatest of All Time) is a great achievement for anyone that can get it but what Rodman says is kind of true. Jordan went above and beyond in his career to succeed, which is a great thing to see in a player because it shows dedication. This means that he is basically an inspiration to millions of people and possibly even the players in the game.

Essentially, Rodman is recognizing his fellow sportsman's abilities and overall skills. This alone is a difficult thing to do because it puts the spotlight off one specific person and unto another. It's also something that shows great respect and sportsmanship, which the NBA can never get enough of these days.

Overall, Michael Jordan is an amazing player that can be seen as both an inspiration and life lesson on what to do when things get rough.


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