Dez Bryant Wants To Return To Dallas After Being Released

Dez Bryant appears to miss his time with the Cowboys.

They say that you can never go back home, but for former star wide-receiver Dez Bryant that may not be the case. Bryant, after being released from the Dallas Cowboys before the 2018 NFL Draft, has remained unsigned as a free agent, and although he has flirted with signing with other teams, none of it has come to fruition, and for various reasons.

One of the reasons behind Bryant’s exit from the Cowboys was in part due to his response to criticism that he indirectly received from Stephen Jones that alluded to blaming Bryant for the struggles of Dax Prescott at quarterback. Those comments were reportedly taken out of context, however, Bryant’s response was direct in his attack of the playcalling and his feelings towards linebacker and, at the time, teammate Sean Lee whom he called a snake.


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As reported, however, Dez Bryant’s release from the Cowboys and his not joining another team has also been about his health. After dealing with an injury, it has been speculated that one of the reasons for his not signing with the Baltimore Ravens who sought him for a long-term deal and only courting a possible Cleveland join-up was his attention to his mental health. Bryant recently has mentioned that he wants to be “ready” when he returns and has even cited his own struggles with depression and anxiety.

Bryant said, “I’m going to be ready this go around… God got me through some tough times being away from the field. No way, I could play with the anxiety and depression panic attacks that I was dealing with…”

He's also made it very clear that he wants to be a Cowboy again.

It would seem that now is the right time for Bryant and it could very well be the right time for the Cowboys who have struggled mightily in the first few weeks of the season with their leading wide-receiver so far this season, Cole Beasley, not netting even twenty receptions and under two-hundred yards total, is staggering when you think of how productive Bryant himself has been in the past. Bryant has gone on record to say that his preference for a return to the NFL would be with Dallas. The Pro Bowl receiver’s wishes could very well come true and if they do his return could be the much-needed spark and skill-set to help jump-start the Cowboys’ sputtering offense. Only time will tell, but for Dez Bryant, he’s ready to play again and ready to go back home to Dallas.


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