Does Bray Wyatt Have Three Different Masks For The Fiend? [Photo]

If you watch The Fiend closely, you may notice a few things about his mask. So far, it appears he might have as few as three different versions.

What the WWE Universe seems to love so much about Bray Wyatt's new character are the finer details and thoughts that have gone into its presentation. From the way the Firefly Funhouse videos were produced to the intricacies to the mask, lantern head and theme music, fans are loving this new gimmick.

As we're learning, there may be more to the mask than most fans realize. Ringsidenews asked the question, 'Does The Fiend' have two masks? We're wondering if maybe he has more?

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Reporting they believe he's got a mask for his promo work and another for when he's wrestling in the ring, they posted a photo that shows a noticeable different white tone on the mask. There is also speculation one version might be more suited to physicality.

We also noticed a while back that when The Fiend took on Finn Balor at SummerSlam, Wyatt wrestled the entire match with teeth on both the top and bottom lips. But, after picking up the victory, and a strobe light showcased a victorious Fiend standing in the ring and staring at the camera, the bottom teeth were gone.

You can see the photo of the SummerSlam ending (with no teeth) below:

What This Means

Considering the teeth are likely not removable, does that mean Wyatt is switch masks for different reasons, all in an effort to sell a certain part of his character at the right time? It appears, like a movie prop used for different scenes in a film, The Fiend has a mask for different situations.

This is just another example of how much work and detail Wyatt is putting into this character and how WWE is fully on board trying to make it work. It's incredibly cool.

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