Dolph Ziggler Turns Down WWE Offer To Be An Agent [Rumor]

Dolph Ziggler has turned down a role in WWE has an agent which is leading to speculation, once again, he may be done in WWE.

In early signs that something is off between Nick Nemeth (Ziggler) and WWE, he has completely removed the "Dolph Ziggler" name from his social media accounts and he is scheduled for an upcoming comedy tour which means he'll be away from the company for a while. He hasn't been seen on television since losing to Drew McIntyre.

Some sources claim to PWInsider that he remains under WWE contract and others haved denied he is leaving, but some reports have surfaced that Ziggler will be done on January 31st with WWE.

This is now the second time Ziggler's name has been brought up in connection to his departure, but the first time since the inception of a company like All Elite Wrestling, which gives the story new legs.

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Last year, there was speculation Ziggler was done. He made the comment, "Wins and losses don't matter unless you're the guy who loses every single night. And, if you're that guy, then maybe you should be in the dark match, not fighting to see who becomes world champion each night."

Those comments led to rampant rumors he was out, until another rumor of a last-minute contract offer for big money kept him in the company. It turned out that no one really knew what was going on and that last-minute offer also wasn't true because Ziggler was still under contract.

What This Means

The question becomes what Ziggler's contract status is now. He's not being used, there is a competing company rumored to be offering large contracts to proven talents and Ziggler would certainly have success with a group like AEW.

Or, is this just another rumor and speculation that Ziggler is unhappy because he's doing his comedy thing and hasn't been seen on tv for a while? And, if his contract is finished, maybe Ziggler isn't done wrestling yet so the offer to be an agent simply wasn't appealing?

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