Dominick Returns To WWE, U.S. Title Match Set For WrestleMania 35

During Tuesday's edition of SmackDown Live, Rey Mysterio's son Dominick returned to help Rey announce he'd be taking on Samoa Joe at WWE's biggest show of the year, WrestleMania 35.

As WrestleMania creeps closer and closer, there were still a few superstars with no set involvement in the show. Rey Mysterio and United States Champion Samoa Joe were among them. On Tuesday, that changed when Rey was part of a backstage interview and announced he was there for a very special announcement. That announcement was that he'd be taking on Joe for the title.

Embracing his son, Dominick said, "Samoa Joe is just a bully. At WrestleMania, I'll be sitting front row watching my dad do what he does best and that's taking care of bullies and bringing home another championship."

With the biggest card of the year starting to round itself out, Rey vs Joe has the potential to be a show stealer. And, with Dominick now involved in the storyline, the expectation is that over the next couple weeks, Joe will somehow drag Rey's son into the fight and make the match mean even that much more.

The last time Dominick was really part of WWE was when the late Eddie Guerrero and Rey feuded. Today, Dominick is clearly grown up, has trained as a wrestler and it shouldn't surprise anyone if he gets physically involved.

What This Means

There are a lot of matches at WrestleMania 35 but for Samoa Joe, this will be a new feeling as he's often been left off the card or out of the spotlight. Chances are, he'll try to make his few minutes memorable.

If Rey were to win the belt, this would be the first U.S. Title run for Mysterio who has yet to hold that championship.

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