Taz Reacts To NXT Superstar Asking If He Can Use The Tazmission

Dominik Dijakovic asked Taz if he can make the Tazmission part of his arsenal, but the way he went about asking wasn't very well thought out.

The entertainment world is littered with remade and recycled materials. Whether it be sequels to classic movies or samples from old songs, not much is original anymore. We're not saying that's a bad thing. It is almost a necessity in the present day. That goes for the wrestling business too.

Pretty much every wrestler competing today is a hybrid of competitors they watched growing up. Whether it be their look, their demeanor, or their moves, chances are they were inspired by someone who came before them. When it comes to that last one, it is usually considered common courtesy that the new wrestler ask the move's originator if they can use it. If they're still with us and that's possible, of course.

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Dominik Dijakovic recently did that in regard to the Tazmission. However, the way in which he went about doing so has caused a little bit of controversy. The NXT Superstar asked Taz if he could use the move not once, but three times in the space of less than 24 hours. He also did so on Twitter. Not through his and Taz's DMs, but on his feed for all to see and react to.

Taz eventually replied after the third request and thanked Dijakovic for asking his permission. However, as highlighted by a fair few fans before him, the former ECW Champion highlighted that doing so on such a public forum "is not the right way for this discussion to happen." Dijakovic claimed he did not have Taz's phone number so had no way to privately contact him.

Dijakovic signed off by saying he has opened his DMs. We're assuming that means the conversation will now continue behind closed doors. Probably for the best as things have gotten slightly out of hand as fans both side with Taz and also argue with him. Taz also highlights that perhaps a submission isn't the best finisher for someone who is Dijakovic's size. We imagine that'll be a part of the conversation they have away from the gaze of fans on Twitter.

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