Impact Head Don Callis Teases Commentary Work For Other Promotions

Don Callis has commentated for an awful lot of wrestling promotions in 2018, and he doesn't plan on slowing down any time soon.

The majority of pro wrestling promotions have finally realized if they work together, they can better the business. New Japan working in conjunction with Ring Of Honor. Wrestlers from both promotions and others working on the Jericho Cruise. Even WWE is coming round to the idea (sort of) via its work with companies like Evolve and Progress.

Promotions working together in this way benefits a number of people. Most importantly, the fans. No longer do we have to rely solely on WWE for our pro wrestling fix. If you don't like what Vince McMahon is dishing out, there are a number of other promotions waiting for your custom. Plus, those working for the promotions are also benefitting too. More promotions working together means more work for all.


Someone who currently knows all about that is Don Callis. Most reading this probably know Callis as one half of New Japan's English announce team. However, in 2018, he has been doing so much more than that, as he revealed on Killing The Town this week. "IMPACT, New Japan, Ring Of Honor, All In and Jericho Cruise. So that's five different promotions/events that I have called," Callis said while discussing hos busy his 2018 has been.

Judging by what he said next, the man formerly known as Cyrus is going to have an even busier 2019. "I will tell you, No. 6 and No. 7 are coming, and I'm gonna leave that as a surprise for everyone out there," Callis teased. Where he could be going next is anyone's guess. WWE is an unlikely stopping point. Perhaps he has already been recruited to be a part of the All Elite Wrestling announce team.

Callis is extremely good at what he does and if you ask us, the more action he is calling, the better. Even though it is unlikely he ends up in WWE, we would certainly not be adverse to hearing him alongside Mauro Ranallo in NXT. On the other hand, both men are rather animated and perhaps it would make the Full Sail announce team a little too much of a sensory overload.


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