Drake Maverick Finding Marriage Harder To Consummate Now That His Wife Has Discovered His Browser History

Drake Maverick is finding that married life isn't easy when you have a crazy obsession with the 24/7 Championship.

The WWE performer captured the belt twice during the Raw Reunion Special on Monday night but his ownership was brief on both occasions.

After pinning R-Truth to lay claim to the precious silverware, he was surprised by Boogeyman before Pat Patterson took it off him with an easy pin. The belt went through Gerald Brisco, Kelly Kelly, Candice Michelle, Alundra Blayze, and The Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase before Maverick won it again.

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With a consummation looking highly probable, with an arena exit the only thing standing between the wrestler and his wife's bed, he was ambushed by Truth, who left with both the belt and his wife Renee.

As of Friday, Maverick claimed to have no idea where his wife was but she's apparently stumbled across his browser history and the forecast isn't looking all that great.

"UPDATE: Received an angry text from wife. No mention of her whereabouts," Maverick tweeted. "I guess she found laptop in bags we packed in limousine & checked my browser history. It’s been a long month. Still yet to consummate my marriage."


It's been quite a sad month for Maverick in truth (and because of Truth). The 205 Live star had his wedding gatecrashed by Truth in the most embarrassing of fashions as he was pinned right in front of his bride and everyone else in attendance.

His obsession with the championship has totally ruined his marriage and he's now bereft of his "baby," as well as his wife whom he's yet to consummate the marriage with.

Ok, so enough kayfabe. This 24/7 thing is one of the best ideas creative has had in a while and it's been a great ride so far, despite the initial doubts. We absolutely love it and simply can't wait to see how it changes hands each week, at the expense of Drake's marriage no less.

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