Draymond Green Says Last Season Was A Drag In Candid Interview

Golden State Warriors star Draymond Green has admitted that he found it tough to get through most of the regular season last term as there wasn't really anything to work towards until around Playoffs time.

The Dubs won their second straight NBA title this year, their third in the last four years, and are quite close to completing a historic three-peat as another dominant campaign will see them become the first team to win three straight championships since the Los Angeles Lakers in the early 2000s.

There's a new star in the mix now, with DeMarcus Cousins having joined the team over the summer. But, given that the Warriors played with basically the same team for two consecutive seasons, Green has admitted that it was hard to stay motivated.


“The whole year was a grind, man,” he said to reporters on Monday. “Like stuff wasn’t as fresh as it was the year before. You know, KD coming in the year before, that was something you had to work on and make that work.

"And then, coming in to last year, who we bring back? Thirteen out of 15 guys from the year before or something like that? It was the same team. So, this is going to sound bad, but there was nothing for us to work on. Nothing to make work. It was like, we know what we’re doing, we played together, we know how good we are. Let’s just go play. There was really nothing to work towards.

“We knew the whole year we were just trying to get to April, and then get to May and June. And there was nothing to kinda spark that fire, so it just made everything a drag. This is an amazing job we have, and as much as you love that job if you don’t have a fire lit under you motivating you to do something in your line of work, it’s just not going to be as easy.

"I think thats where we were last year. There was nothing to push that group to try and be great in the regular season. It was just try to be great in April, May, and June."


As mentioned above, Cousins has been added to the already formidable roster and it could be a very interesting campaign, but there are also players who will be expected to play bigger roles and Draymond seems to be feeling better about the upcoming project.

“I think this year we got something to work on," he continued. "We got a lot of young guys, so that for the time being, and then with DeMarcus coming in. Making that work. JB, Damian, Loon, they’ll play bigger roles. Making that work.

"So, I think we’ve just got more to work on than we did last year. And that’s why it was just all around tough. There was just nothing there to push you night in and night out.”


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