Drew McIntyre Threatens To Call Out "Complacent" Wrestlers In WWE Locker Room

Drew McIntyre has lashed out at WWE performers who he says are complaining yet doing nothing to improve or perfect their craft.

The 33-year-old, who exited the promotion in 2014 to return in 2017 after wrestling on the independent circuit and for the likes of TNA, says he will "eradicate" and "call out" complacent members of the WWE roster.

WWE let McIntyre go in 2013 and he admits that he didn't deserve to be there. However, he's been seeing people with the same attitude he had back then around him in the locker room and doesn't like it.

“People that reminded me of the younger version of myself, who did not deserve to be a part of WWE, the number one company in the world - I’m gonna eradicate and I’m gonna call them out, he said on DC101 with Mike Jones during a recent appearance to promote WrestleMania.

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"I see it across the board, I see people just complaining on social media and complaining backstage and I don’t see them doing anything to better themselves or better their position, and if anything, getting in worse shape and they don’t particularly have a spectacular match, so why are you gonna put them in a better position? I’m here to say like, “hey, if you don’t like it, then maybe try it my way. You can leave the company, you can quit and go try it the way I tried because I assure you it is not that easy.

"There are only a couple of us, like me and Cody Rhodes, that went out there and really done something without the company. You can do it, it is there, but it is very hard work and I don’t recommend it. You’re in WWE now, so why not figure it out now and give it 110% now instead of just complaining?”

McIntyre will be fighting The Big Dog, Roman Reigns, at WrestleMania this month and has talked up the bout, claiming - despite the butterflies in his stomach - it's "going to be a war".

“I got the butterflies," he continued. "I’ve got the nerves; the day that stops is the day I retire. I feel beyond ready and with someone like Roman, who like you say is used to that big stage, a phenomenal performer and so physical like myself. I know we’re bringing something that no one else will be able to compete with because we’re two big physical guys. It’s going to be a war. It’s going to be great.”

What This Means

McIntyre is considered to be the future of the WWE by many and his WrestleMania matchup with Reigns could be an indicator of how the company plans to use him moving forward.

Hopefully, he won't have anything to complain about.

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