Drew McIntyre Makes It Clear He Wasn't Involved In The Roman Reigns "Attack"

We're all wondering who attacked Roman Reigns on SmackDown, if he was attacked at all. Seems as if it definitely wasn't Drew McIntyre.

SmackDown Live came to a strange and slightly bewildering end this week. As Roman Reigns made his way to Kayla Braxton for an interview, he was squashed with some scaffolding. Well, at least that's how it seemed at first. After Reigns was freed from beneath everything that fell on him, it turns out he wasn't hurt at all and he simply walked away.

What wasn't clear at the time is why it happened. Whether the scaffolding was pushed or if it just happened to fall at that moment. WWE has been teasing that someone was behind the incident. We're assuming that the culprit will be Reigns' SummerSlam opponent, but who could it possibly be?

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One of the main suspects is Drew McIntyre. He and Reigns have been going back and forth ever since The Big Dog returned to WWE earlier this season. However, The Scot is offended that he would be lumped in with the other suspects on the list. McIntyre took to Twitter this weekend, clearly peeved that WWE had asked him to clear the air on one of his days off.

McIntyre made a lot of great points. So many that we are convinced he had nothing to do with the incident. The main one was that he clearly enjoys beating up Reigns, so why would he hide that fact and try to do so in secret? He also says that he "wouldn't have missed." Another great point. Whoever did push over the scaffolding clearly doesn't have very good aim. Neither the ammo nor the target is exactly small.

The list of potential names that could be responsible isn't exactly a long one. Elias and Daniel Bryan are also on there, but that's about it for Superstars who would actually make sense. Personally, we're hoping for Bryan. With just one more episode of SmackDown before SummerSlam, there's no more time to build to the match. However, we'd be excited to see Reigns versus Bryan, even without the build.

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