Dustin Rhodes Wants To Open AEW Wrestling School

Dustin Rhodes has revealed he wants to open up a wrestling school, preferably in Texas, to breed All Elite Wrestling talent.

The former WWE performer, who wrestled under the name Goldust for his former employers, is perhaps one of the most technically sound wrestlers around and, at worst, a very savvy veteran.

Having joined his brother Cody Rhodes at AEW, the 50-year-old has already put on an A+ showcase, fighting Cody at Double or Nothing ahead of what turned out to be one of the most emotional endings to a match we've seen in a very long time.

Rhodes recently sat down for an interview with Jim Varsallone and opened up on his plans to start up a wrestling academy, something he says he's been wanting to do for a while now.

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“I think, and I was planning on talking to Tony [Khan] about this. I want, I’ve been wanting to open up a wrestling school for quite some time," he said (h/t 411Mania). "And I think Texas would be a good place for it, and a good place for an AEW Wrestling-slash-Dustin Rhodes wrestling school to get these kids ready and I would be all for that.

"Yes, I definitely think they need a place, just like the other company has the other place. And I think it’s important when you’re bringing in talent that is hungry and young, and need a place to train and learn, and learn how to do things properly, learn how to speak properly, learn how to cut your promos and whatever else is offered. Yes, definitely. That is something that I think is 110% needed.”

This certainly isn't a bad idea. WWE has been blooding their young talent through their Performance Center for some time now and it's only right that AEW has an academy through which younger wrestlers can come through.

Rhodes is also the perfect candidate to run such an institution. He's the most seasoned wrestler affiliated with the company and has a wealth of knowledge to share. We really hope it happens for him.

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