Dustin Rhodes Doesn't Sound Like He's Done Wrestling Just Yet

After having a new passion for the wrestling business ignited within him by AEW, it sounds as if Dustin Rhodes is far from done in the ring.

The handful of wrestlers who have left WWE to join AEW have all said the same thing. That their former employers all but extinguished their love of the business. Jon Moxley explained it to the world via Talk Is Jericho. Dustin Rhodes has since said something similar, although he wasn't quite as blunt about it as Moxley.

At 50, it seemed as if WWE was done with Rhodes. However, with AEW becoming more and more appealing to disillusioned WWE Superstars, Vince McMahon would have likely offered Rhodes a boatload of money to sit at home and do nothing. Since the man formerly known as Goldust felt like he still had more to offer, he joined his brother Cody in AEW.

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It took just one match for Rhodes to show WWE exactly what they were missing. He and Cody put on an incredible match at Double Or Nothing. They then partnered up and took on The Young Bucks in another terrific match at Fight For The Fallen. With Rhodes' point well and truly made, some might have thought he would now hang up his wrestling boots.

That might have even been the plan, to begin with, but no longer. After Fight For The Fallen, Rhodes explained that he has "found a new passion" since signing with AEW. Rhodes admitted to Chris Van Vliet that he was considering moving sideways into the acting world. However, after his two matches with AEW, it sounds as if he is now reconsidering his options.

Rhodes revealed that he will know more about his future within the next couple of weeks. That he will be talking with Cody and others at AEW and weighing up his options. At this point, it's unlikely that we will see Dustin in a meaningful role at All Out. He might accompany his brother to the ring, presumably for a match versus Shawn Spears, but we can't imagine him having a match of his own. If he is going to continue to wrestle, chances are the next time he competes will be when AEW debuts on TV later this year.

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