Dustin Rhodes Tells Vince McMahon To 'Watch His A**' Following Double Or Nothing's Wild Success

Dustin Rhodes has sent a warning to Vince McMahon following AEW's debut PPV Double or Nothing.

The veteran wrestler, formerly known as Goldust, fought his brother Cody Rhodes at the event on Saturday night, emerging bloodied and battered after an impressive match. But he was full of spunk after his loss, telling the WWE chairman to "watch his a**" in a post-match interview which can be seen below.

"It was good for Cody, I definitely think it was good for AEW," he declared. "I'm excited about them, what they're doing is they're fixing to take over the world and Vince better watch his a**."

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Rhodes was a WWE mainstay for several years and his Goldust gimmick can be considered a stroke of genius as he came up with it as a means of escaping the shadow of his father Dusty Rhodes. Many are of the view that Goldust was underused and poorly used when he actually was but, having announced his WWE departure last month, it was expected that he would evolve into what he really should have been under McMahon.

Dustin said his farewells to the Goldust character and the WWE Universe in an emotional video, after which it was confirmed that he would be fighting his brother at Double or Nothing.

The highly anticipated event was a resounding success and, as a result, much is expected from AEW, with the new promotion considered a legitimate threat to WWE.

What This Means

Dustin is 100 percent correct, McMahon should be on high alert following Double or Nothing's huge splash.

Apart from a highlight reel collection of some great wrestling, the fact that Jon Moxley showed up at the end to attack the likes of Chris Jericho and Kenny Omega makes it all the more intriguing.

We really can't wait for things to come through on a weekly basis and, if Saturday night is anything to go by, McMahon really does need to pay attention to his posterior.

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