Dwyane Wade Turns Down China League Contract, Will Only Return To Heat

There seems to be some loyalty left in the NBA when it comes to which team and where Dwyane Wade is going to be next year. The 15-year veteran and former Finals MVP made his intentions clear recently as reports about this upcoming season began to surface, and to some extent, take a life of its own.

However, Wade hasn’t made a decision yet — and he has made that clear. There’s been no commitment to returning to basketball in any capacity, with any NBA team or China. Recently, the former All-Star guard was offered a three-year $25 million dollar contract to play basketball in China beginning in the 2018-2019 season. Although the amount is exceptionally lucrative, the offer is not too surprising as playing basketball in China has become a real option in recent years.


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Stephon Marbury of “Starbury” fame had tremendous success playing in China and has even reached a god-like status, a living legend with a monument to add credence to his many triumphs. Also, recently, China signed a deal to bring Lamar Odom overseas, securing his return to basketball. Dwayne Wade seems to be the next player on the China basketball radar.

But Wade, despite his non-committal to return to basketball in general, has committed to where: Dwayne Wade will not be playing basketball for China. As a matter of fact, the superstar guard has gone on record to say that if he did, it would only be for the Miami Heat.

Yahoo Sports reports, “If I’m playing the game of basketball this year, it’ll be in a Miami uniform,” Wade said.

Honestly, to a few, maybe many, Wade’s refusal to take China’s offer may seem strange, even a bit crazy. A $25 million to a 36-year player is a huge deal, and his commitment to Miami also a bit speculative as the team offers very little to him in terms of winning. However, hearing Dwayne Wade's surety about only playing for the team that he won on and that he’s made his career and legacy with his heartwarming – just as much as it was when he was traded back to Miami this past season. Dwayne Wade looked right in the Miami uniform and he defiantly sizzled in a few playoff games too, reminding basketball fans everywhere of whose city Miami really is when it comes to basketball. “Wade County” in Miami begins and ends with Dwayne.


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