EC3 Explains Why He Left Impact Wrestling

There was once a time where WWE showed little to no interest in wrestlers that were known for being TNA stars. That is most certainly not the case any longer. AJ Styles is currently WWE Champion, Samoa Joe is an established star on Raw, and they welcomed Kurt Angle into their Hall of Fame despite him leaving WWE to wrestle for TNA for a large chunk of his career.

The recruiting of Impact Wrestling stars by WWE is showing no signs of slowing either. Rockstar Spud has been renamed Drake Maverick and put in charge of 205 Live while at NXT Takeover: Philadelphia we were shown latest signing Ethan Carter III sitting in the front row. What WWE have planned for the former Impact Wrestling Champion in NXT is unclear as of right now however.

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From the outside looking in there are a number of reasons why fans would think Impact Wrestling stars would want out of the company. Rumors of financial instability and employees not being paid always seem to plague the promotion. EC3 explained to Newsweek why he left Impact and apparently it had nothing to do with finances or not being paid.


'My decision to leave Impact had nothing to with their business or finances and everything with me wanting to challenge myself to something new', Carter told Newsweek. Apparently he still had six months left on his contract and it was a deal that was always honored and he was always treated with respect. Many stars see WWE as the final step up following a run with Impact and that was clearly EC3's train of thought.

This is really an exciting time for any Impact stars making the move to WWE. One look at some of the tops stars across all three of the promotion's top brands and it's plain to see that stars formerly of TNA are no longer suppressed or turned away simply because of where they worked previously. Carter has unquestionable in ring talent and there's no reason why he can't enjoy the same career trajectory as Samoa Joe or Bobby Roode from here on in.

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