EC3's Reaction To Lynch & Rollins' Engagement Wins The Internet

The wrestling world is currently reacting to Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins' engagement, but EC3's comments have been the best so far.

Earlier this year, the rumor mill was awash with talk that Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins were romantically involved. Shortly after, the WWE Superstar pairing revealed those rumors to be true. It has been a pretty wild ride for The Man and The Man's man since then. Their relationship has even leaked over into WWE storylines. Plus, they had to defend their titles together at Extreme Rules.

On-screen, Lynch and Rollins have since gone their separate ways. Not in the form of a breakup, they are just involved in different angles as the moment. Lynch actually admitted that she was relieved she and The Architect's relationship is no longer being used for the purposes of a WWE storyline. However, that might be about to change.

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Rollins revealed on Thursday of this week that he and Lynch are now engaged. Since the news broke, anyone and everyone in the wrestling world has been reacting and congratulating the happy couple. Most of those messages have been friendly and even heartfelt, obviously. However, the amusing reaction left by EC3 is the best one we have seen so far.

When WWE officially posted about the engagement on Instagram, EC3 replied "Cool. I got three new matches on Bumble today." In case you didn't know, Bumble is a dating app similar to Tinder. What's even funnier are the comments about the post on Reddit. One fan joked that EC3 has had more matches on Bumble than in WWE. Another wrote that Lynch's engagement alone means she has had more ring time than poor EC3.

As for the happy couple, WWE making such a big deal out of their engagement probably isn't good news for Lynch. Lucky for them, they are both tied up in very separate angles right now. If WWE is going to pair them back up on Raw, it'll now have to wait until Clash of Champions. We wonder how long it'll take for Vince McMahon to float the idea of an in-ring wedding between the two of them.

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