Edge Believes He Could Have One More Match If WWE Let Him

After delivering his first Spear in the ring for more than eight years, Edge has filled us with even more hope, claiming he could wrestle one more match if WWE cleared him.

This year's SummerSlam was full of big moments and surprises. One of those surprises arrived before the show had technically begun. During the kickoff show, Toronto's own Edge interrupted an Elias segment. Rather than interrupt The Drifter's performance with his words, as we expected, Edge delivered a Spear to Elias.

Even though the Spear was the first Edge has delivered in a WWE ring since his retirement, he revealed on E&C's Pod of Awesomeness this week that it isn't his very first since 2011. "What people don’t know is I do all my fight scenes, so I’ve actually done a couple of Spears acting," The Rated R Superstar revealed.

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His first physicality in the ring has naturally had some fans speculating as to what his future might hold in terms of a return. Normally, we would tell those fans not to get their hopes up. However, another revelation by Edge on his and Christian's podcast this week has left us somewhat stunned. The 11-time World Champion believes he could wrestle again, and it is simply a case of WWE giving him the green light.

"I think I could do a match tomorrow...it’s just from what I know with the WWE medical staff, they won’t allow," Edge explained. The Hall of Famer also discussed the amount of miseducation there is surrounding his neck issues. He has learned a lot during the eight years since he was first told he had to retire. Wrestlers can control what happens in the ring, to an extent, and it seems that Edge believes he can control a match enough that he would be safe to wrestle.

For the most part, retirement is never permanent in wrestling. However, due to the issues with Edge's neck, we assumed that he was the exception to the rule. Now it seems that might not be the case. Although WWE's medical staff is strict when it comes to clearing wrestlers, as they should be, we also know that its mind can be changed. You need look no further than Daniel Bryan for evidence of that.

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