Drake Maverick Is Worried That Elias Is Coming After His Wife

Keeping the 24/7 Title away from Drake Maverick isn't enough for Elias. He also wants the GM's wife, Renee Michelle.

Despite 19 different Superstars having held the 24/7 Title since its inception, it has all been about two Superstars. R-Truth and Drake Maverick. Truth has held the title for the majority of its existence, and Maverick has been chasing it this whole time. During that period, Maverick has been severely neglecting his wife, Renee Michelle. More on that later.

This week on Raw, the 24/7 Title's first-ever co-champions were crowned. Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder of The Revival. Their title reign was short-lived as Truth quickly won it back, making him a 12-time champion. However, his record 12th reign was also short-lived. By the end of the evening, Elias had hit Truth in the back with a guitar and pinned him backstage, winning the championship for the third time.

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At the time of typing this, Elias is still 24/7 Champion. That is clearly something that is winding Maverick up to no end for more reasons than we realized. It would appear that his wife's obsession with the title has become as big as his own. The 205 Live GM revealed that when his wife discovered Truth had lost the title she got excited. However, that excitement subsided when she realized it wasn't her husband who defeated him.

Or did it? It seems as if that excitement was transferred as opposed to eradicated. After acting as an official at SummerSlam and on SmackDown, the champ posted a photo of himself flexing in his ref shirt. Shortly after the post, Michelle started following Elias on Instagram, and The Drifter boasted about it by posting screenshots on Twitter.

It seems as if Elias may be in with more of a chance of consummating Maverick and Michelle's marriage than Maverick is himself. Joking aside, we are in the camp of fans who are very much enjoying the 24/7 antics. Every time we think the well has run dry, WWE throws in another twist. We look forward to Elias being a permanent part of the shenanigans in the coming weeks.

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