Elias Threatens To Give Away 24/7 Championship To A Flock Of Ducks

Elias won the 24/7 Championship on this week's episode of Monday Night Raw after attacking R-Truth backstage, but he's threatening to relinquish the title to a non-WWE superstar.

More specifically, Elias took to Twitter and threatened to toss the 24/7 title into a lake with a flock of ducks - which means we could have our very first non-human champion in WWE history.

Perhaps the deed has already been done, and maybe the 24/7 title is sitting at the bottom of the lake. We should get a better idea on this week's episode of Raw or SmackDown if Elias is still the champion, or if he's forcing the entire WWE roster to go swimming for the title themselves.

Maybe Elias is tired of having to watch his back 24/7 while he's champion, so if he gave away the title here to the ducks, he wouldn't have to worry about losing the belt out of nowhere anymore.

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Elias is currently on his third 24/7 Championship reign. Only R-Truth (12) and Drave Maverick (four) have more. It should be mentioned that in each of first two stints as champion, Elias dropped the title on the same day he obtained it - on the May 28 and June 2 episodes of SmackDown Live.

Both R-Truth and Maverick have grown determined to win that 24/7 Championship on a daily basis, so it's anybody's guess how long Elias will hold onto the belt here during his third reign. The good news, of course, is that the championship can be obtained at any point, on any given day. If he loses it to Maverick, R-Truth or another superstar in the near future, Elias regain it whenever. That's assuming he didn't lose the belt by throwing it into the lake full of ducks, of course.

What This Means

We'll just have to wait and see if Elias still has the championship later this week. Chances are, he was just teasing the WWE Universe and his fellow superstars. Winning that title is not the easiest task, and Elias probably has too much pride to just give it away after four days as champion.

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