Ember Moon Accuses Dana Brooke Of Stealing From Her Moveset

Dana Brooke and Ember Moon might not be at odds on TV, but things are getting heated between the two of them on Twitter.

Being original in any form of entertainment in the present day is extremely difficult. That's why Hollywood is currently flooded with remakes and sequels. The wrestling business is no different in this regard. Completely original wrestlers are few and far between nowadays, but that's not a bad thing. It simply means today's competitors are a mix of everything that has inspired them on their journey.

Take moves, for instance. There's only so much the human body can do. That's why so many moves are reappropriated after a certain period of time. Kevin Owens now uses the Stunner. Ricochet has incorporated the Codebreaker into his arsenal. Chris Jericho revealed recently that the US Champ actually asked for his permission to use it before doing so.

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Asking permission to use a move another wrestler uses/made famous is simply common courtesy. That act, or alleged lack of it, is why Ember Moon and Dana Brooke have come to blows on Twitter. Brooke retweeted a gif of herself reversing being lifted off the turnbuckle into a suplex, along with "new me new skills." It's a pretty smooth looking reversal and definitely worth doing on a regular basis.

However, Moon is not happy with the implication from Brooke that she came up with the move. The former NXT Women's Champion replied "Is it...... Pretty sure I do that..." Brooke clearly felt attacked and hit back with, "ITS a SUPLEX hunny.. didn’t know you claimed that," also adding a shot at how little Moon has been on TV. Moon then replied in the same vein writing "How long have you been on main roster and how many matches have you had."

Moon being the babyface that she is couldn't help but also throw in a compliment with her retort. "All I am saying is that instead of dipping in our moveset be original... I know you are capable of it." She also points out that Brooke would be angry if the roles were reversed. It might only be a suplex, but it is a different looking suplex, and we have definitely seen Moon using it before Brooke did.

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