Ember Moon’s Husband Called Out Nia Jax During Raw Main Event

Ember Moon's husband was not too thrilled about his wife having to wrestle Nia Jax during the main event of this week's Raw.

A few weeks ago, a misplaced arm from Nia Jax massively derailed WWE's plans for Becky Lynch. You could argue that the injury Jax accidentally inflicted altered what WWE had planned for the WrestleMania main event. It was highly likely that the plan was to have Charlotte Flair versus Ronda Rousey in that slot, but now that match has already happened.

There's no reason it can't happen again, but Rousey was supposed to take on Lynch at Survivor Series. Jax derailing those plans has made her public enemy number one. Not just with the fans, but rumor has it some backstage are annoyed with her too. Not just because she gave The Man a concussion, but also because it isn't the first time her carelessness has injured a fellow wrestler.


Judging by a tweet from Matthew Palmer, Ember Moon's husband, during Raw this week, Jax has hurt more people than WWE is letting on. Moon teamed with Rousey to take on Jax and Tamina in Raw's main event on Monday night. During the match, Palmer tweeted "hope this unsafe moron doesn't hurt my wife again."

The tweet has since been deleted, but you can check out a screenshot of it for yourselves above courtesy of Reddit user hall198. Palmer is a wrestler himself so is qualified to criticize Jax, but going this way about it won't do his wife's WWE career any favors. Palmer is not the first partner of a WWE Superstar to call out Jax for causing harm to a fellow wrestler, though.

After busting open Lynch's face, Jax tweeted a photo of her own bruised and cut hand jokingly looking for sympathy. At least we hope it was a joke. TV personality Jeff Dye, who Lynch is rumored to be dating, quoted the tweet asking Jax if the tweet was her idiotic idea or WWE trying to make her "super hatable." Lynch is so hot right now that her boyfriend springing to her defense isn't going to do any harm. Moon, on the other hand, we're not so sure about.


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