Enzo Amore Taking Heat For King Kong Bundy Tweet

While the wrestling world mourned the death of King Kong Bundy on social media, former WWE performer Enzo Amore is taking some heat for his tweet.

King Kong Bundy passed away late on Monday/early Tuesday at the age of 61. He was dealing with some health issues but the cause of his death was unknown. A huge name in professional wrestling in the '80s and '90s, he'll be remembered mostly as the big man who faced Hulk Hogan in the main event of WrestleMania II.

A number of wrestlers tweeted and posted social media memories on Bundy, but one post is getting some press for all the wrong reasons.

Former WWE performer β€” one who already takes a lot of heat for not being an actual fan of wrestling but using the entertainment genre to promote his other endeavors β€” proved once again how little he knew about pro wrestling before weighing in on Bundy's death.

He tweeted:

"#RIPKingKongBuddy the epitome of prowrestlin i recall goin 2 shows @ MSG w/ my grandparents, my Grandma Raphaela loved em & hyped em up the whole ride in, plenty of wrestlers risked it all that night, but I never forgot the guy w/ the green tongue who ate the turnbuckle"

Those who remember wrestling in the '80's will remember George "the Animal" Steele as the wrestler who spoke mostly in tongues, was in love with Miss Elizabeth, had a green tongue and at the turnbuckles as part of his character. While Steele did, in some respects, resemble Bundy in his personal features, he certainly was not Bundy.

To Amore's credit, after fans didn't waste time pointing out his mistake, he left the tweet up and has been taking the criticism on the chin. More than 1200 comments on the post later, most are filled with gifs pointing out his errors.

What This Means

As disrespectful as some are taking Enzo's tweet to be, it really isn't a huge shock and fans should realize, it wasn't likely intentional. The whole thing is unfortunate because it takes away from really remembering Bundy for what a great heel character he was during his WWE days, but in the end, real fans will still recall the legacy he left behind in his passing.

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