Enzo Amore Tried To Teach Finn Balor How To Pick Up Women

It's no secret that Enzo Amore wasn't well liked backstage at WWE, and more details as to why that might have been are beginning to emerge.

After a long period of hearing nothing from him for obvious reasons, Enzo Amore has begun to hit the headlines once again. Amore was accused of a serious sexual assault a few months ago and on the back of those allegations, he was released from WWE. Recently those charges have been dropped, however, it looks as if it is too late for him to find a way back to WWE.

Amore is not the kind of guy who will just disappear into the shadows now that he has had a taste of the big time though. Earlier this week the former Cruiserweight Champion held an event for fans in Times Square, plus he also released his very own song. If his aim is to remain relevant then mission accomplished so far as Amore has been garnering a lot of attention.


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When Amore was a WWE Superstar, it didn't sound like he was the most popular guy in the locker room. There's the infamous story about him getting thrown off of a tour bus by Roman Reigns, and it basically sounds like he was the same guy backstage as he was in the ring. Even more details about Amore's backstage antics have arisen recently courtesy of Simon Grimm, aka Simon Gotch, when he appeared on Robbie E's Why It Ended podcast.

Grimm spoke about Amore's tendency to try and latch on to co-workers who were inevitably on their way to the top specifically discussing an instance involving Finn Balor. "When Fergal, Finn Balor, got there, [Enzo] immediately was just d--k riding him to high heaven. Right away," Grimm explained, apparently trying to give Balor tips on how to pick up women. He probably doesn't need much help when it comes to that arena.

Grimm went on to say that Balor found Amore amusing at first, but eventually, his pestering and his attitude became an annoyance. It sounds as if the only real friends Amore had backstage at WWE were Liv Morgan, who he dated for a while, and Big Cass. Before his release he may have managed to alienate them too, seemingly cheating on Morgan and getting a little too real with his tweets directed at Cass and his injury.


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