Enzo Amore Trolls Corey Graves After Rumors of Affair With Carmella

Enzo Amore took to social media on Saturday to troll Corey Graves after rumors of an alleged affair surfaced between Graves and Carmella.

Former WWE Superstar Enzo Amore is up to his old tricks again, trying to gain traction on social media while taking a shot or two at former friends he might currently have beef with in WWE. This time, he hopped on Twitter Saturday morning to address the rumors Graves was sleeping with Carmella and cheating on his wife.

Graves wife, Amy Polinsky, took to Instagram (in a post that has since been removed) and accused Graves of having an affair while also struggling with apparent suicide attempts and alcoholism before admitting his infidelity.

Enzo used a series of posts to seemingly establish why he had a beef with Graves who during a show on the WWE Network asked Amore if the rumors were true he'd been kicked off a WWE bus. Clearly, that line of questioning didn't impress Amore. He followed it up by tweeting a .gif of Enzo's former tag team partner, Big Cass. In it, Graves is pleading with Cass to not hurt him, adding the tag line, "My kids love you, I love you, I'll bl-w you..."

What This Means

In the grand scheme of WWE programming, this will mean very little. Something like this should have no bearing on Carmella or Graves' status within WWE. It will certainly not endear Amore to the WWE who has probably already blacklisted him for life.

As far as Graves' wife goes, it has to be assumed that things are not good there. Graves responded to her post saying WWE was going to sue her if she didn't take it down, which she did. And, while we might not hear much more about this story moving forward, one has to think that marriage is likely coming to an end if it hadn't already.

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