Enzo Amore Post Flurry Of Tweets About Big Cass After Unexpected Release

Amid the flurry of media outlets covering the news of Big Cass' WWE release on Tuesday, it didn't take long for fans and insiders to start tracking what Cass' former partner might have to say about the situation. After all, Enzo Amore was a controversial figure and tied to Cass's hip during their rise in WWE before they had a fallout out of epic proportions and Amore was released over allegations of assault and a bad attitude backstage. And, as expected, Enzo didn't waste much time commenting on the Cass news.

In a flurry of tweets by the former WWE Superstar and Certified G, Amore didn't seem overly sympathetic to Cass' plight and he certainly wasn't reaching out a hand of encouragement knowing what it feels like to be released by WWE. Enzo started by asking Cass, "How you doin'?", a phrase made popular by Amore during his time in WWE, but always used sarcastically when said to his opponents in WWE.

A few minutes later, Enzo took the opportunity to add fuel to the fire by reminding fans of their one-year anniversary of the storyline that saw Cass turn on Enzo in a WWE program, as if to suggest Cass' release today was some sort of cathartic karma.


He followed up with two other tweets saying "life is a script" and "Be Happy."All the posts lacked details regarding what each meant, and he didn't comment in any of the posts after he published them. Yet, if fans read between the lines and look back at the very public history between Enzo and Cass, it's pretty safe to assume, like WWE, Amore wasn't wishing Cass well in his future endeavors.

What Cass will do now is a question many will be asking, with some assuming Impact Wrestling potentially opening up a spot. Meanwhile, when Amore isn't taking pot shots at his former partner, he's busy trying to get his rap career off the ground.


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