Enzo and Joey Janela Have Confrontation Outside Concert [Video]

Former WWE Superstar and controversy magnet Enzo Amore is in the news again. Video has surfaced of him getting into a potential fight with Joey Janela.

Both wrestlers were at the Blink 182 concert and in the late hours of Tuesday evening, video hit social media of the two outside squaring off. Both have commented on social media about the near-altercation, both with very different takes.

AEW star Joey Janela said he saw Enzo and went to introduce himself while Enzo claims he had no idea who Janela was and that Janela stepped up to him. Enzo claims Janela was drunk and backed down like a pus-y.

The incident is making the rounds on social media and fans aren’t shy about expressing their opinion. With fans on both sides, it seems the majority of the wrestling community is calling out Enzo for saying he didn’t start the fight while the video clearly appears to make Enzo out to be the aggressor.

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Enzo writes, “Not a safe environment for a fight, needless to say, I didn’t start the fight & I was smart enough to have one with a drunk'n fool/vagina." He added later, "Where was that energy at? We ain't friends @JANELABABY Don't introduce urself to me fu--boy I thought u were a fan hahaha the second I realized it was u I slapped ya b-tcha-s hands down & walked." Enzo told the world following the situation that he told his homey to film the whole thing.

All Janela would really say was, "I will have no chance to wrestle or “fight” Enzo With my exclusivity starting in October but I saw it to introduce myself! That’s all!" He took a couple of other shots at what Ezno was wearing and sarcastically called it a "slow news day." but didn't get into a real war of words.

What This Means

We reached out to both Enzo and Janela for their comments and haven't received word yet from either side. Our sense is that Enzo is, once again, seeing an opportunity to stay in the news and seizing the social media buzz for all it's worth.

A guy who said he didn't start the fight and wasn't going to fight but has called Janela names, told him he slapped his hands down and essentially challenged him after the fact doesn't come off looking like someone who was trying to avoid a confrontation.

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