How WWE Feels About Eric Bischoff In The Early Going

Eric Bischoff just finished up his first week back in the WWE, having been introduced as Executive Director of SmackDown Live, and there was no shortage of changes to the television product.

There were some moments that brought back feels of The Attitude Era, including a moment where Kofi Kingston "flipped off" Samoa Joe. On top of that, long-time heel Kevin Owens attacked Dolph Ziggler to finally solidify a babyface turn.

Bischoff's first week back in the WWE has to be considered a big success, and you know he's just getting started. There will be plenty of more intriguing changes in the coming weeks. WWE officials, superstars and fans just have to trust the process.

Brad Shepard said on Oh, You Didn't Know (h/t Ringside News), provided an update on how folks backstage felt upon learning that Bischoff was coming back - and what the thoughts are on him up to this point:

"Internally everyone was shocked at the Bischoff signing. They’re happy for him, but believe the key will be as I’ve talked about how much Vince is going to lean back and allow Eric and of course, Paul on Raw as well to control the show. Eric has already been described to me as a sponge and inventive."

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It's unknown how much of an input Bischoff had on this week's episode of SmackDown, as John Pollock of Post Wrestling reported that Vince McMahon and Ryan Ward would be running it. But no matter how much of a role Bischoff played this week, the main story here is that WWE finally showed they are ready to change their product drastically.

Bischoff will be given plenty of time to turn this show around, and fans need to have faith in him. This is a man who single-handedly put WCW on the map by introducing the New World Order stable, as Bischoff's company nearly put Vince McMahon and the WWF out of business. In short time, we could see a massive jump in television ratings for a SmackDown show that has seen poor viewership numbers in 2019.

What This Means

Given how many superstars appear to be disgruntled in WWE, it's safe to guess that a large quantity of them are happy about Bischoff's arrival. He'll bring a fresh set of ideas and plans for a SmackDown show that's moving over to Friday nights in the Fall, when Fox will take over the broadcasts.

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