Eric Bischoff Labels New Role With WWE His Biggest Ever In Wrestling

Eric Bischoff has labeled his new role as Executive Director of SmackDown Live the biggest he has ever had in the wrestling business.

Last week, the wrestling world was stunned by the reveal that Eric Bischoff and Paul Heyman have been brought in to WWE as Executive Directors. Heyman will be working on Raw while Bischoff's efforts will be focused on SmackDown Live. What those job titles mean and the roles that come along with them are yet to be fully explained.

By the end of today (Monday) we will probably know a lot more. Naturally, Heyman's role will be addressed in some way tonight on Raw. What we want to know most is whether the pair will appear on-screen in their director roles, or if they are strictly working behind the scenes. Heyman as an on-screen director could cause something of a conflict of interest considering he is still Brock Lesnar's advocate.

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Since Bischoff's podcast 83 Weeks drops on Mondays, we have already heard a little from the former head of WCW on his new role. At the end of this week's show, Bischoff addressed all the talk and spoke a little about becoming an executive director. Despite the fact he ran WCW for the majority of the 1990s, he labeled this new chapter in his life as "the biggest opportunity" he's ever had in the industry.

"This is a different kind of excitement for me. I haven't felt this way maybe in forever but in at least 20 years," Bischoff told listeners. He also revealed that he and his wife Loree will be moving to Stamford, Connecticut later this month in order to be closer to WWE HQ. The Executive Director didn't go into detail but explained that this won't be a role he can perform remotely from his laptop.

Although still not confirmed, it sounds as if these new roles are more than just window dressing. We can't imagine Bischoff would be this excited about a new job with WWE if it simply comprised of him depicting an authority figure on TV. What it sounds like is Vince McMahon trying to recreate the popularity surrounding wrestling during the 90s, and he has brought in the two men who competed with him at the time to help him do it.

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