Eric Bischoff Could Bring Hulk Hogan Over To SmackDown Live [Rumor]

After a three-year hiatus, Hulk Hogan was put back in the WWE Hall of Fame last year and returned to television at the Crown Jewel pay-per-view in November.

Hogan had been fired from WWE in the summer of 2015 following the release of audio tapes that caught him using racial slurs. WWE terminated his legends contract, removed his merchandise from his shop and completely distanced themselves from The Hulkster - refusing to mention his name on television and on their website.

Now that WWE and Hogan are back to working together, some can't help but wonder if the wrestling icon will give it another go in the ring.

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New SmackDown Live Executive Director Eric Bischoff was the one who recruited Hogan to join WCW in the '90s, and the two men built the company into a juggernaut that nearly put the WWE out of business. So could Bischoff look to bring back one of the biggest names in the history of sports entertainment?

Mike Johnson of PWInsider.com was asked about the possibility, and he believes that it could happen - although Vince McMahon will have the final say over Bischoff:

"They've always worked together, so it would be silly to assume they won't try to do something down the line," Johnson said. "At the end of the day, it will come down to Vince McMahon's approval. It's still his call at the end."

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via WWF Old School

If Hogan were to appear more regularly on WWE television, its unlikely that he would be used in a wrestling role. Rather, he'd probably be used as a manager, authority figure or even part of the broadcasting team.

In a recent interview with the Tampa Bay Times, Hogan seemingly ruled out the possibility of wrestling again. Hogan said he's had to undergo nine back surgeries and that he has a pair of fake knees and two fake hips. Hogan admitted he feels "like" 20 in his head, but his body simply won't give in.

What This Means

Hogan's return to WWE didn't come without controversy, but he remains one of the most popular wrestling figures in the world today. WWE could see a major jump in ratings if he comes back and appears on SmackDown from time to time. Ratings and money mean everything to Vince, so it wouldn't be a surprise if he and Bischoff decided to bring Hogan onto SmackDown.

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