Eric Bischoff Takes Shot At Bret Hart, Calls Him "Bitter"

It's been almost 20 years since Bret Hart and Eric Bischoff last worked together in the now-defunct WCW promotion, but the heat and real-life rivalry between these two has never gone away.

Both Hart and Bischoff have thrown a ton of shade at the other throughout the years. The former has been highly critical of the way Bischoff booked things, while the latter has accused Hart of being overly difficult to work with.

Well, the former WCW president appeared on the 83 Weeks podcast (h/t WrestlingInc.com), and took some more verbal jabs at Hart. Bischoff was talking to Conrad Thompson about the 1998 Souled Out pay-per-view - which featured The Hitman going up against Ric Flair.

While Bischoff offered major praise for Flair and his performance in that match, Hart was widely critical of 'The Nature Boy' in his book. Hart added that he performed the match Flair's way, and Bischoff wasted no time ripping the WWE Hall of Famer:

"He (Bret) was such a bitter (expletive), when he wrote that book. There is nobody in this business that has ever worked with Ric Flair that wouldn't tell you that Ric made them look better than they really are.

From Hulk Hogan on down, talk to "Stone Cold" Steve Austin about that, talk to people who really have a clue and aren't putting themselves over in the book because they think they are a (expletive) Canadian hero."

Hart had signed a 20-year contract with the WWE in 1996, but Vince McMahon later confessed that he wasn't going to be able to pay it. He reluctantly convinced Hart to bolt for WCW, which the latter did following the infamous Montreal Screwjob in 1997.

Unfortunately, Hart's tenure in WCW was short and not so sweet. He clashed with many of the talents backstage, wasn't booked like a main eventer and had to retire in 2000 after suffering a severe concussion. His tenure in WCW was simply a disappointment, and it's no wonder that he and Bischoff don't get along to this day.


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Last year, Hart did an interview with TalkSport and referred to Bischoff as "a total complete idiot, maybe the single stupidest idiot that ever got into wrestling." So yeah, there's clearly no love lost between the two men.

What This Means

Many wrestling legends have had beef in the past, but a large portion of them manage to make amends. But Hart and Bischoff clearly don't have much respect for one another, and it's hard to envision these two ever being friends.


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