Eric Bischoff Addresses Rumors Regarding His Role On SmackDown

New SmackDown Live executive director Eric Bischoff has shared a bit more insight his new role, revealing that he was not supposed to start before July 22.

Since the announcement on the appointments of Bischoff and Paul Heyman, with the latter in the same post on the Raw brand, there have been several reports on what the roles could entail, with claims Bischoff might not be involved in creative at all.

His absence from the show to date has also led to lots of speculation, but speaking on his 83 Weeks podcast recently, the 64-year-old rubbished the reports, labeling all of them false and referring to the outlets circulating them as "dirt sheet scumbags."

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"[My start] was never supposed to be before July 22nd. I made that really clear," he said (h/t prowrestlingsheet's Ryan Satin). "That was the understanding across the boards, but nonetheless it was reported across the boards early on by dirt sheet scumbags not to be named here, and it was reported wrong. Anything that’s been written and reported so far has been wrong in terms of what my role actually is and when it will be and what my start date will be.”

“This is such a big job, that there’s no way me, or anybody else, is going to walk in and take control of anything … immediately. It’s going to be a process, and in my case it’s going to be a long process because it is a very big job.”

“It’s a process and my process is going to begin, really — it started a little bit this week in terms of my integration into the process — but it’ll start becoming even more tangible on Tuesday, which will be the first time I’ve even attended a production meeting. And, like I say, over a period of time it’ll evolve and change beyond that.”

Well isn't that a relief. There really would be no point to the former WCW chief being named as a director and not being involved in creative affairs, so it's great to hear him refute the claims to the contrary.

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