Eric Bischoff Reveals Who Else Was Considered For The Third Member Of The NWO

Eric Bischoff may be one of the most influential people in wrestling over the last 30 years. The mastermind behind the nWo, he had the right tools and the right idea at the right time to turn the notion of an invading group into one of the hottest acts in wrestling history, making WCW millions of dollars and almost wiping out WWE in the process. But, as was recently revealed, the whole idea of the nWo's introduction to WCW could have gone very differently as Bischoff himself admitted Hulk Hogan wasn't potentially going to be the third member.

The nWo started when Scott Hall defected from WWE to WCW. He was brought in wearing street clothes and the idea was that he was an outsider who used to work in WCW, didn't do well, went to WWE, became a star and came back to WCW for revenge. He was joined by Kevin Nash quickly thereafter and they teased a third member that would change the landscape of wrestling forever. On the first episode of his new 83 Weeks podcast, Bischoff explained what could have happened instead.

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After detailing that it was either Hogan or Sting, Bischoff said he went back and forth, keeping his cards close to his chest. He said:

"I think at that time, probably a week before is when I started letting the people need to know know. I think I let Kevin Nash know. I know I was out in Los Angeles doing something because we met for a beer at Sunset Blvd, at some biker bar. I wasn't sure if it was going to be Hulk Hogan or Sting. One was a plan A and the other plan B. I tried to let him know how much he should know, and the other part was because I was worried he would leak it out, so probably a week before I let those that needed to know know that Hogan was going to be the third member."

It would up being the correct decision as Hogan took the nWo from an interesting idea to the biggest faction in wrestling history and Sting became a bigger star in his own right after it was revealed he was not going to join and battled the nWo until the end of WCW's existence.

One decision, made a week before the angle played out on pay-per-view, could have changed everything for WCW if the decision had been made the other way.


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