Eugenie Bouchard Wants Big Money For US Open Fall

Canadian tennis star Eugenie Bouchard is seeking a large payday from the United States Tennis Association, who are the organizers of the US Open, after she suffered a concussion back in 2015 after slipping and falling in a training room that was located at the tournament.

Bouchard is claiming that the reason she slipped and fell was due to a cleaning product that was used on the floor and that the room wasn't lit well enough for her to notice that the floor was slippery.

Almost three years later and Bouchard's case against the USTA is finally heading to trial as she seeks " millions and millions" of dollars, according to AS.com.

The USTA and Bouchard had been working on an agreement over the past 28 months, but unfortunately, were never able to see eye to eye, which is why they're headed to trial.

At one time, Bouchard was the fifth ranked tennis player in the world and reached the Wimbledon finals in 2014. She's only played in one game since her fall and has fallen to 116th in the world. Bouchard blames her athletic demise on her fall at the U.S. Open.

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When it comes to the USTA, they're claiming that Bouchard's fall was her fault, due to the fact that she used the room outside of it's operating hours. They also claim that she hasn't been suffering and that you can tell by looking at her social media activity.

The USTA pointed out that Bouchard went on a date with a Twitter user at the Super Bowl and participated in two editions of Sports Illustrated's swimsuit magazine as reasons that she hasn't been suffering.

The USTA says that Brouchard's claims of suffering are “inconsistent with Plaintiff’s own admissions in various forms of social media and public commentary.”


Brouchard's lawyer claims that his client has sponsorship requirements as well as other commitments that require her to use her social media presence in the way she does.

I'm sorry, but the USTA's claim that Brouchard isn't suffering because she's essentially living her life is a weak argument. Going to the Super Bowl and doing two swimsuit photo shoots doesn't mean she hasn't been suffering mentally. She still has do to what she can to live a normal life.

But, if Brouchard did use the training room when it was closed, the USTA could win in court.

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