Popular Food Chain, WWE Star, Others Comment On Stolen AEW Title

Not certain if the missing AEW Championship is a work or a true story, the opportunity to poke fun at the missing belt seems too good to pass up.

Early on Tuesday, news broke that Jericho had his AEW World Championship stolen from him while out for dinner at a Florida restaurant. The story got out there and then immediately spread like wildfire across social media, becoming a legit situation when the police report surfaced.

Not long after, Jericho posted a video saying he was launching a worldwide investigation in an attempt to find the son of a bit-- who stole the title. If not a storyline, for Jericho, flipping the script was important to change the narrative in his favor. That said, Jericho isn't the only one who's seen this is a golden opportunity to comment.

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Depending on where you sit with the story, AEW has officially commented as have some of their executives and WWE personalities have taken shots, not to mention a ton of posts from fans on every social media feed reporting the story. Even restaurant chains are getting in on the fun.

During SmackDown Live on Tuesday, after Drake Maverick won back the 24/7 Championship, (before losing it to R-Truth), Corey Graves made a wisecrack about how Maverick might decide to take the title in a limo to a popular restaurant chain to celebrate. Obviously, it was a shot at Jericho who left the belt in a limo with his driver while eating at Longhorn Steakhouse. Longhorn Steakhouse commented on the situation when asked, "A man should be able to enjoy himself a fire-grilled steak without having to worry about a bandit coming by and walking away with his effects. Hope it's returned soon."

Cody Rhodes of AEW's executive committee commented and joked that he prefers Outback Steakhouse, while Arby's restaurants tweeted Jericho and told him they could make him a new belt out of cardboard if he wanted. Jericho responded, "Hey @arbys, Im all good. Save the cardboard to make your sandwiches..."

This feels like a story that might only gain more momentum as details come to light.

Will WWE Make a Joke About AEW's Title

Fans are secretly hoping the AEW Championship will show up on WWE programming, but that's not likely to happen. Instead, what fans might get is more shots like the one Graves took on Tuesday. It's a golden opportunity for WWE to poke a little fun at AEW for losing their most valuable possession.

Would AEW take a shot at WWE if the roles were reversed? Undoubtedly, based on their short history of subtly referencing WWE in their shows. It will be interesting to see if WWE returns the favor.

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