Everything You Need To Know About AEW's Tag Team Title Tournament

AEW has now announced when the final of its Tag Title tournament will take place, so here's everything we know about the bracket so far.

When a new promotion pops up, there are a few things that need to be established. Introducing its biggest stars, staging that first show, and establishing when and where fans can watch the action are a few of the things that need to be checked off. There will also be champions to be crowned, something AEW is currently in the process of.

Most importantly, AEW's first World Champion will be decided at All Out. Hangman Page and Chris Jericho will go to war to be crowned the company's first titleholder. A Women's Champion will also need to be decided. That will happen a little over a month later during AEW's very first show on TNT.

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The crowning of its first-ever Tag Team Champions is going to be a little more elaborate. There will be a tournament, the semifinals of which will take place in Pittsburgh on October 23, and then the final a week later at Charleston Colosseum. Before that, The Dark Order and The Best Friends will do battle at All Out with a first-round bye on the line. Those two teams both earned their way into the All Out match at previous events.

Other than those two teams, the only other entrants confirmed for the tournament are The Young Bucks and Private Party. Those two teams will do battle in the first round of the tournament during AEW's second TV show on October 9. That alone will make TV show number two worth tuning in for as they are two of the best tag teams currently signed to AEW's roster.

At the time of typing this, that's all we know about AEW's Tag Team Title tournament. There are a lot of talented duos waiting in the wings, though. The Rhodes Brothers, SoCal Uncensored, The Lucha Bros, just to name a few. Plus, Cody Rhodes recently claimed that only 40% of the roster has been revealed, so we're guessing there will be a few surprise entrants in there too.

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