Extreme Rules Main Event Match Made A “Winner Takes All” Match

On Monday Night Raw, the main event for Extreme Rules was made official when Baron Corbin and Lacey Evans challenged Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch to a Winner Takes All match.

These four competitors just came off the Stomping Grounds pay-per-view where Corbin challenged Rollins for the Universal Championship but failed to win and Lynch successfully defended her Raw Women’s Title against Evans. But, the battles between these bitter rivals hardly seems over. All four will now go to war in a mixed tag match that has been declared “Winner Take All.”

In short, if either of Corbin or Evans wins, both Rollins and Lynch lose their titles.

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The stipulation of the singles belts being on the line in a tag match became possible when Lynch accepted the challenge of a mixed tag at WWE's next pay-per-view and said they would only grant Evans and Corbin another match if one condition was met. That one condition was if Evans and Corbin lost, there would be no future rematches. The challengers would never be allowed to get in the ring with the champions again. The heels agreed if the two champs put their championships on the line. If either gets pinned, both lose their titles.

What This Means

This match was not hard to predict but the stipulation adds a fun wrinkle. When Evans was picked to be the referee during the Corbin vs. Rollins bout on Sunday, it was clear there was more to come in this feud. Fans weren’t in love with the prospect of these competitors not being done, but the idea that the belts could change hands in such a unique way and that a loss means Corbin and Evans are done challenging the champions to make this an acceptable finish to this rivalry.

It will all likely end in a Rollins and Lynch win, but it leaves the door open to a swerve that could change the landscape of Raw moving forward.

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