Fans Leave Backlash During Main Event [Photo & Video]

Sunday's Backlash event wasn't hyped like most of WWE pay-per-views. Even though the company was offering its first smaller mixed-brand show of the year and there were some interesting matches on the card, the event didn't have a "marquee" feel to it. So, perhaps it might make sense that not all fans would stick around.

What might have been surprising are the reports coming in that fans in attendance not only left early, they did so in droves during the main event match that featured Samoa Joe vs. Roman Reigns. Social media was full of tweets about the event, but some of the buzz that caught most people's attention was the photos and videos of fans showing empty seats and people walking up the stands and exiting in the middle of the match.


The Reigns vs. Joe match was not the most exciting match ever produced. It has slipped before the broadcast that Michael Hayes was responsible for the match and he booked a number of rest holds and the Hogan-like comeback for Reigns after Joe took it to the Big Dog early. Fans filled the area with "this is boring chants," and "beat the traffic," chants. Clearly, some fans took the advice.

Throughout Backlash, you could hear the audience trying to hijack the show. During Big Cass' match with Daniel Bryan, fans chanted for Enzo Amore and during other parts of the show, fans were asking for CM Punk. It was a blatant showing of disrespect for the WWE Superstars who were likely still tired from a hectic month of traveling but doing their best to put on a worthy show for fans who paid to see them.

Perhaps the fact that the WWE Universe was willing to forego the money they'd paid to beat the traffic rush will give the final necessary hint to WWE that Reigns just isn't being accepted.


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