Fiend Makes Possibly Best WWE Re-Debut Of All Time At SummerSlam

Bray Wyatt finally re-debuted in the ring at WWE SummerSlam and it might have been the best re-debut in the history of the industry.

You don't often get a second chance to make a first impression. Those moments are few and far between and the list of performers who have successfully done so in WWE is limited. That said, Bray Wyatt re-debuted in WWE at SummerSlam and may have re-invented himself better than anyone ever could have expected, even with the popularity of his new character.

Wyatt was scheduled to face Finn Balor at SummerSlam. Fans were eagerly awaiting what that match, namely, the entrance, might look like Wyatt didn't disappoint. Coming down to the ring with a remixed version of his old theme music "Live in Fear", a new lantern made to look like a severed Wyatt head but with the same fireflies lighting from the fans, Wyatt (as The Fiend) set the tone early.

Things only got weirder.

Wyatt took it to Balor early. Attacking him quickly, there were some similarities in the old Wyatt style versus what The Fiend was doing. The only difference appeared to be the struggle The Fiend had controlling his own emotional state. He often wrestled with himself as to which direction to take.

That opened the door ever-so-slightly for Balor but it wasn't enough as a Mandible Claw finally did Balor in and gave The Fiend a decisive win.

What This Means

From start to finish, this was arguably the coolest segment of the entire pay-per-view. From the entrance to the match to the way Wyatt exited the screen staring at the camera as WWE faded away through a strobe light, the company got every inch of this right. The only argument that can be made here was that Balor was not made out to be much of a contender in this bout.

What's next for Wyatt and The Fiend? Fans will be anxiously awaiting whatever it is, and whoever he targets next.

Is this version of Wyatt better than the first version everyone fell in love with? It's hard to imagine a re-debut going better.

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