Finn Balor Mocks The Kane And Strowman Feud

Finn Balor has been having some fun with the fans and the speculation that he's not "over" with the WWE audience. After rumors circulated that Balor was in Vince McMahon's doghouse and subsequently removed from the main event at the Royal Rumble due to a lack of popularity, Balor has been using social media and creating a mini-campaign revolved around the use of the term "over". At seemingly every opportune moment, Balor is playing upon the words to find a time to poke fun at the whole concept.

His most recent jab at the rumor came at the sarcastic expense of two other WWE Superstars. Clearly not meant to be insulting or taken as personal slights against either Kane or Braun Strowman, Balor noted that he was pleased with his showing on Monday's Raw. However, he couldn't help but notice something interesting about the main event that saw Strowman take on Kane for the chance to face Lesnar at the Royal Rumble.

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Balor said, "I'm very happy with back to back wins vs both members of the Miztourage. In other news - it appears the dispute between Kane & Braun is not over..." Of course, Balor was using the word over the tease that the WWE audience couldn't care less about that match and who would go onto the face Lesnar, perhaps hinting that instead, it should be Balor.


That the Strowman and Kane match also ended in a no contest was a perfect way to Balor to also play on the fact that fans will have to watch these two face off again.

Curtis Axel seized the opportunity to get in on the action by responding to Balor suggesting their feud was not done by a long shot, to which Balor responded, "You are correct Curtis...I got 99 Problems But This not being over AINT ONEski".

Whether or not Balor is having fun with this or really is upset by the rumors is not 100 percent certain, but for now he's running with the concept and hoping WWE takes notice. No one seems to be off limits and now it looks like other WWE Superstars are getting in on the fun.


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